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I had a hard time choosing the fabric.

I am not good at sewing machines.

I can't sew straight and the thread tangles easily.

But after I decided to make original clothes, I spent a lot of time rattling around on the sewing machine.

I had already decided on the "shape" of the clothes early on.

But I couldn't quite decide on the "fabric.

I tried various fabrics one after another, and I think I made at least 30 garments of the same shape.

It was a long time until I found a fabric that I was satisfied with.

At first, I thought

I thought, "It's SDGs after all, so let's use recycled plastic bottles!


I thought, "Cotton is the natural material, isn't it?

I started to try out all kinds of fabrics, and before I knew it, I had 30 pieces....

But in the end, I chose "jersey fabric," which is neither SDGs nor natural.

Yes, the so-called jersey fabric, for gym uniforms and uniforms.

It's said that the fabric originally started being used on the island of Jersey in England.

The appeal of jersey is that it is comfortable to wear, the fabric is supple and pleasant to the touch, and above all, it resists wrinkling!

It is also stretchable, so it can be worn without buttons or zippers, and it is convenient for travel and business trips because it does not wrinkle easily.

Yes, I finally chose the fabric based on "functionality" and "performance.

The only drawback of jersey is that when it rains, water droplets remain on the fabric. (*Of course, once it dries, it disappears without a trace.)

I hope you will find that interesting as well.

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