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First store at Umeda Hankyu SOUQ!

For a week from May 1st, I was at the store every day, making presentations and selling my products.

Over the past five years, through trial and error, I've been creating clothes that is called "wearable space."

Although it was the first public release, many people tried it on and purchased it.

I felt a deep sense of joy.

Last time, I declared my determination to get my clothes back on track this year.

This was my first time opening a store and I felt that it was a great success.

More than anything, I was very happy to meet so many wonderful customers.

"Not only is the design great, it's also very comfortable to wear, I'll definitely buy it again!"

I was thrilled by this message.

No no no, let's stay calm and prepare for the next development!

I really want to release a new coat this fall.

Clothes really come alive when someone wears them.

I started to like the time I spent fidgeting outside the fitting room, waiting for the moment the curtains would open💘


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