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black coat

New coat.

I made a coat in the shape that I had always wanted.

This is in accordance with [T-PEACE]'s design rule, “Make it by using up all the rectangular fabric without leaving any loose ends.”

The feature is that the button is a large wing nut.

When you put this coat on, it looks like Galaxy Express 999. ” or “Looks like he has a lightsaber!” ”, so I guess it’s a bit like science fiction⚡

Of course the person who made it likes it, but I also want many people to try it on, so I enjoy the try-on events (^^)v

Every time I see someone wearing something, I think it's great to see someone wearing it💖.

This is the greatest motivation for creating a "wearable space."

Fashionable leader Yko

Hissatsu Worker Tzo

On the last day of this year, I announced my resolution.

Next year, I will seriously focus on this wearable space [T-PEACE].

I've extended my hobby a bit too much until now...

It was also great that I was encouraged by my long-time best friend who has always supported me.

Anyway, I'll be serious.

Even if there are no results, I won't make excuses! We are serious and deliver results.

2024. Let's ride on the back of the dragon and rise together!


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