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I never thought I'd make clothes!

It all started two years ago, on a hot summer day, when I bought a meter of fabric at a fabric store.

I thought, 'Let's make something wearable out of it.

It was a reversible stretch fabric.

I think it was in the fabric section for baby clothes.

I didn't even make a pattern, just cut the fabric as I saw fit and assembled it as if it were a craft.

Clothes assembled from cut fabric. But I was happy that it turned out better than I had imagined.

I was so happy that I uploaded it to Facebook.

Then, unexpectedly, a nice lady, an acquaintance of mine, left a comment saying, "I want to buy it.

That hot day. I took that to heart and decided to create my own brand.

I had always planned to be an architect, but I wanted to make a shift.

I am now releasing clothes as the smallest space to wrap people in.

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