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Orders are now being accepted ⚡

T-PEACE is releasing its first "N Series" tops!

The "N" comes from the shape of the cut around the neck,

as this is a series that is made without any scraps,

The neck area is simply cut in the shape of an "N" and piped.

You can wear it either front or back, whichever way you like.

I definitely wear it on the left side, but my best friend Momo says she prefers the right side.

I think it's nice that there are different tastes.

It can be worn plainly, but we recommend you to make it move a little.

I made it so that it can be tied lightly on one side.

The tied part can be screwed to prevent it from coming off.

We are planning to sell several kinds of N series by changing the color of fabric and piping.

We look forward to your continued patronage☆彡


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