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Walk down a runway

June 2019.

I walked the runway as a "model" for the first time in my life.

It was the first fashion show organized by Hiroko Koshino, who invited a wide range of models from the public.

I had always wanted to walk on the runway.

There was no age limit and I was tall enough, so I took the plunge and applied.

There was an audition, and I even walked in front of Hiroko Koshino and stylists. I was a complete novice.

I was so happy when I received the acceptance letter.

Most of the models who gathered that day were first-timers, but some were professionals.

The stylists matched the clothes, the makeup artists did the hair and makeup, and everything looked like a drama.

However, being a shy person, I was unable to get to know the other models backstage, so I was left alone.

I was so anxious about whether I would be able to pose properly and whether I would be able to walk without falling over.

At that time, a person a little older than me named Ms. M talked to me in a friendly manner, and my nervousness began to melt away.

We talked about trivial things and exchanged Facebook accounts, as it was a chance to make a connection.

And then it was time for the show.

I wanted to walk on the runway just once in my life, but it was quieter than I expected and I felt like I was in a sanctuary.

One year later. When I posted my first self-made dress on Facebook, it was Ms. M who commented, "I'll buy it.

Without that comment, I would have never thought of creating a clothing brand. Without a doubt.

What I saw at the end of the glittering runway was a single word that was a turning point in my life.

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