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What? A new one already?

Recently, I have been making new clothes.

(I have already started to sell the clothes I have made so far...)

What I wanted to do when making clothes was to "use up a piece of cloth and make it into a garment. I wanted to make clothes by using up the whole piece of cloth.

My new clothes are made with almost no scraps!

Of course, no matter how effectively I use fabric, it is no good if the design is weak, so I make a lot of models and think about it.

How do you make a garment out of a piece of cloth?

Rather than drawing on paper, I cut and sew the cloth from the beginning and think of it as a "model.

It must be a habit from my background in architecture. Even if I make something out of cloth, I can only call it a "model.

It is also called an "esquisse.

Since it is an "esquisse model," I make it quickly.

Even if the seams are not straight, or if they are left uncut, no problem!

When I come up with a design, I want to see it in shape as soon as possible.

I make it all at once and try it on immediately after it is finished.

The ability to immediately inspect the design and shape is an attraction that architecture does not offer.

A "model" usually does not take the shape I envisioned in one shot, and I have to unravel the threads and re-sew the garment many times.

I have to untie and re-stitch many times until the design lands on the right spot.

But. I enjoy the time I spend making the models the most!

I get the most adrenaline rush when I'm just pounding away on the sewing machine, excited and thrilled, not knowing how it will turn out.

I have a lot of "models" made in this way, but I never increase the amount of fabric because I unravel them and reuse them for the next model, so it's not so much about the SDGs as it is about not wanting to leave any fabric scraps.

It is more economical to reuse as much fabric as possible.

In the last issue, I wrote about the jersey fabric we use, which is an excellent material because it doesn't fray even when left uncut and can be reused over and over again.

New autumn collection will be released soon☆!

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